Our Difference

liver disease research


Southern California Research Center brings a wealth of resources and expertise to all our projects. Here are just a few of our differences:


  • Providers have unparalleled experience and expertise
  • Dedicated research team
  • Ready pool of research candidates from the patients in our practice
  • State-of-the-art facility
  • Concierge approach to research
  • Close hospital alliance


In addition, since our research center is an extension of our practice, our unique HALO protocol allows us to partner with patients, referring doctors, and industry experts to help each patient reach his/her goal. Read more about HALO below:


HALO – Because liver disease needs more heart.

Liver disease can be very complicated and requires true expertise. At SCRC, Health And Liver Optimization (HALO) is our unique process to help our patients reach their goals, regardless of their conditions.


Our unique HALO protocol lets us partner with patients, referring doctors, and the industry to provide proven, state-of-art clinical approaches and techniques to navigate the complicated maze of GI and liver diseases.


Management of liver disease is a lifelong commitment to health and wellness.  This is why we created HALO. At SCRC, we treat our patients as partners in their own care. We work tirelessly and bring our unique perspective and experience with liver disease to our patients to optimize their care.


HALO is not only a goal, but a process with the following steps:


History and physical by a Board-Certified Hepatologist


Review of medical records


Diagnostic evaluation


Therapeutic planning with patient


Lifestyle modification assistance


Close follow-up with careful monitoring